Special Antler Christmas tree

I saw in my childhood I have this love of antler Christmas tree, I love them. I do not want to die without visiting at Christmas New York and visit Rockefeller Center tree, which appears in Home Alone 2.

As I was saying, I love my Antler Christmas tree and I repeat here many times. Do not skimp on details, short branches, paint them, hanging his balls, put lights, bows, his star … do same as you would to a large tree and you certainly left with a super nice Christmas tree in your corner that will Christmas feeling invades everything.

lighting on antler Christmas tree has to be special, that is undeniable, Christmas is next to festival of lights, but they are always special. At Christmas we like to fill all of candles, candle holders and Christmas to take advantage retailer we have inside to make a single candle, it is a lovely detail of our house. With these candles can decorate entrances of our homes, centers of tables or even as auxiliary lighting anywhere. You will also see, like before fireplace or with trees, with very little you can get something very nice. Twigs, pine needles, fruits, ties and even small decorative balls chosen wisely, will they have a very nice lighting in your home for Christmas