Stately Carriage Garage Doors

Good morning guys! This morning, we’ll give some information about carriage garage doors. Owner insists end garage doors that make a statement. This means having wooden garage doors that create a classic “carriage” or high-end steel roll-top doors to create an appearance of high-tech style. Tinted wooden doors on a redwood color and have ornate door hinges car. Steel roll-top doors can be left in its natural color or painted red, white or black for a contemporary look.

Traditional carriage garage door come with solid wood in thick size with wrought iron hardware. It is can give them a high look and a price tag to match. Replacing a common garage door car doors could be out of question, but there is an artistic solution that can help. Faux painting techniques can double many textures, including wood. Practice on a scrap board to perfect your style, and then take an afternoon to transform your door in a focal point of your home.

Carriage garage doors always have a statelier than presence of main entrance: is that their large impact, let alone whether it’s those big garages that can accommodate two or more cars inside. In this modern residence, he sought wood is protagonist. So it is seen in gateway, on outer windows, and also in large garage door.