Elegant Freestanding Bathtubs

When many people think of freestanding bathtubs, imagine a home in past, filled with antiques dark, with agents in white aprons running down back stairs. Fortunately, separate tub is not a thing of past.  Standing baths give an air of elegance to your bathroom and your home. Bathtubs independent been around for thousands of years, ancient Greeks and Romans were fond of bathing, while this activity is carried out usually in large public baths; a former staff bathtub has been excavated on island of Crete. Bathrooms fell in vogue for several hundred years after fall of Roman Empire; it became common again in late 1700.

At first it was mainly houses of rich who were freestanding bathtubs, but eventually practice Bath became popular at all levels of society. At first most of tubs were filled with buckets of water to tap water became more common in 1800s.

Anyone interested in installing a separate bathtub should choose a type of bathtub. Top bath, a bath standing on shaped legs animal claws, was a popular style during 1800s and remains an option at present.. While there is plenty of time to look hot in market, there are also perfect contemporary, elegant freestanding bathtubs for a modern home.