Burlap Shower Curtain Ideas

Burlap shower curtain add to the decor which is unfortunate, primitive, country or ecological elegance. The loose fabric of family fabric, often associated with potatoes and coffee, has the reputation of being cheap, abundant and easily accessible. Whether you want to transform discarded burlap bags or plan to buy fabric by the yard, which is a simple curtain solution.

There are several ways to get burlap to make burlap shower curtain, depending on what you are looking for. Burlap sunless format is available at low cost per roll at home centers and garden if you want a very basic look of burlap. Burlap fabric stores sell a variety of colors, so you can make curtains that are off color or a lighter shade of straw.

Simpler curtains are completely unadorned burlap shower curtain, but are a fabric underlay takes paint well. Avoid heavy, thick as latex household, and instead use a light mist of spray paint or acrylic craft paint applied with a sponge paintings. If painting freehand is not your style, make or buy templates or apply tape to the burlap to create your own patterns. Other possibilities include sewn or glued beads, embroidery and tassels added along the bottom edge embellishment.