Low Media Console for DVDs

Low media console – of DVD cases are specifically designing to be light and thinner than the old cases. Fall can be half as large as the full-size cases and even less, as with television programs and special edition DVDs. The old discs took up several inches of valuable disk space, while the slim case takes up much less space. Ideas for storing your slim DVD includes pieces that serve multiple purposes in your home.

The storage pieces that resemble furniture give two uses in your home: both of a piece of furniture and storage. This type of storage hides collection from prying eyes, while keeping the slim case is organizing. A bench is an example, which on the bench lifts open storage underneath. A low media console is another article that stores DVDs.

The low media console has a flat surface to hold your TV and many have shelves for storage of extra electronics, including DVD player or stereo. Cabinet doors on the play open to reveal hidden storage inside the slim case. You will also find floating shelves to hang on the wall and provide storage for displaying objects on top and hides DVDs inside. A sliding panel pulls away to reveal the DVDs inside shelf.