Raised Toilet Seat with Arms

If you have had back problems, you know how important it can be a raised toilet seat with arms. It can mean the difference between dependence of a loved one. Not all raised toilet seats equals. The key in selecting a raised toilet seat is educate yourself about the types, and then select the one that best suits your needs. The simple elevated toilet seat can be found almost anywhere. Its purpose is to increase the height to the toilet seat.

Usually, they are able to maintain 300 to 600 pounds, but others are not as strong. A raised toilet seat with arms, add a little more stability. These seats are a must for people with back problems or the elderly. Some are simple plastic seats with arms. Others have padding and arms to match or come off. Some arms even detach without tools and some are padded arm rests.

Some slides under the existing raised toilet seat with arms are along the side of the seat as wings. Many of them have a lock so that when a person puts pressure on the arms, the seat will not slide. Most of these toilet seats cost about $ 50, with a few in the $ 80 range.