Floating TV Stand for Small Space, Perfect!

Do you know the floating TV stand? The difference with a normal shelf do not see anything that’s attached to the wall, literally they appear to “float”. Let your imagination expands and begins to place them in your room, which also will become an object of decoration, plus help you organize.

Are you familiar with the minimalist decor? It is a style characterized by simple lines, geometric shapes and the obvious general cleaning in space. The idea is that no furniture to fill the space you have will be taken away because amplitude, so the floating TV stand becomes allied perfect. A good place to put them is on a low cabinet as a dresser, a table or chair to help you make long space, especially if you have a small apartment.

Choose colors that contrast with the wall. The black and white is a combination that has never lost. Another good place to locate it in space you have left under the stairs or in one of the corners of the room. Can you think you would have a floating TV stand? It is neither an idea that will require your creativity lest it end up seeing crowded, nor the dull otherwise.