TV Ceiling Mount

TV ceiling mount –  Video Electronics Standards Association is responsible for defining a set of fixed rules for mounting TVs and other electronics to the wall or ceiling.If you look at the back of the TV you will see four holes, these allow you to place a support for then hang the TV on the wall. It is what is known as Flat Display Mounting Interface or mounting of flat device interface).

According to the diagonal  TV ceiling mount of the screen is used a pattern or another. These patterns, which is standard for the entire industry, defined as the distance between holes both vertical and horizontal, so the manufacturers accessories can make stands for any brand of teleportation tells you what type of wall mount is that you must purchase.

However, there are so many options on the market that is better to watch calmly everything you need to know to successfully hang your TV on the wall. TV ceiling mount  What media type should I choose? It is the first thing you have to ask yourself. Here it is important to know if you need a simple stand, just  the TV to the wall, or if on the contrary