Double Curtain Rod Brackets

You need to double curtain rods hang when you have a lighter behind a heavy curtain. The lighter shades are usually very fine lace or , while allowing light to penetrate. You can achieve this in different ways. You can use elastic tension rods are inserted into the window frame without supports or mounts for holding fixed the curtain rods-Double Curtain Rod Brackets The following steps describe how to install the supports for two curtain rods.

Determines the height of which want to be the (lighter) inner curtain. For this, calculated from where you want to drop the bottom of the curtain, considering how high the top of it will extend above the rod. Marks the spot gently with pencil on each side of the window double curtain rod brackets.

Check that the marks are aligned horizontally holding the curtain rod in position double curtain rod brackets and placing the level on it. Adjust the a Insert the screws through the brackets and use a screwdriver to place.Use curtain rod and level to check the horizontal  According to the surface on which you go to install the brackets