Making Wire Basket Drawers

Making wire basket drawers is a tradition that goes back thousands of years. The baskets were the first carried shopping bags and almost everything. Continues the tradition of making baskets using everyday materials such as wire. Its flexibility makes it easy to work, and is also resistant. Cut two telephone cables in lengths of 6 feet (1.8 m). Wire cutters work well for this application. Turn the two wires together so as to form a double strand. Twist the ends of the phone to create a circle.

In this circle will be the top of the basket. Decide how large you would like the diameter of the wire basket drawers and make the circle of this size.

These are the ribs of the wire basket drawers. Fewer rays denote a flexible fabric, while more rays denote a tighter and stronger armor. Take other wire basket drawers around the ribs, passing under the first wire above the second until all ribs are locked in place.

Cable continues to weave around the ribs, creating the sides of the wire basket drawers. If you reach the end of one wire and you want to add another, turn the end of the new wire around the end of the old, keeping the ends into the basket and out of sight.