Making Kitchen Cabinet Drawers

If you have old kitchen cabinet drawers that are falling apart, you can build new drawers instead of trying to find and replace the old ones. This project does not require a lot of woodworking or carpentry experience, but you need to be familiar with some common hand and power tools. During a weekend, you can have new cabinet drawers in the kitchen, to the extent their own home.

Making kitchen cabinet drawers, Measure the inside recess opening kitchen cupboard drawer with a tape measure to get the width, depth and height. Write down the dimensions. Use safety glasses. Measure, mark and cut 1/2 inch plywood to be smaller than half the width and depth of the hollow box with a circular to form the bottom of the drawer inch saw.

Cut four pieces of wood inch 1-for-3 to make the sides and the front and back part of the drawer. Place the bottom of plywood on a table and inch up the sides 1-for-3, the front and back against the edges of the plywood. Set all the pieces together with a nail gun to form the kitchen cabinet drawers. Sand the entire paper drawer with medium grit sandpaper after it fixed together. Hold the roller drawer sides using screws and gun.