Stylish Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Showers framed antique style has thick metal bars at the edges of the glass partition. The modern bathrooms often feature a frameless glass shower doors for a cleaner look. Since the shower has a frame around the glass, nothing obstructs the view of the shower, so the bathroom seems larger. Before you turn your shower into a unit without frame, evaluate your options. Frameless glass shower doors not have a metal frame around the edges. Hinges and door handle are the only visible parts binding. No frame, shower doors need to be thinner. Compared with framed shower doors, glass doors frameless can be up to 1/4 inch (6 mm) thinner.

When you consider yourself a frameless glass shower doors as a replacement frames shower, you cannot use your old door with frame you take away for frameless shower door. The door frame was hinged to the frame around the shower or on the wall. Since the hinges are built into the frame and not the glass, remove the frame, have a single piece of tempered glass, which cannot be cut to accommodate the hinge screws. You need to buy a new frameless door.