Very Fashionable Floating TV Shelves in Modern Home

Ideas floating TV shelves have double advantage. Decorate and you manage storage space in the wall. You can save space in a small family room, the living room or bedroom. Floating TV shelves are very fashionable in modern decor. Visually, they are very nice because they have an ethereal effect that seems as suspended on the wall. This is because the anchors are hidden in the wall and the optical sensation is as if floating. The key to these shelves is that if fastening hardware only unseen, are hidden between the wall and the same shelf.

First of all it is important to know what we will put on the shelves, to determine the weight that will endure. There are different ways to install floating TV shelves, one of the most common e s using a rail that attaches to the wall and where rods or expansive wedges are fixed inside the wall that anchor the shelf. The way of installation depends on the weight that we put on the shelves. Another way to different placement is with a wooden wall screwed to the rack that will fit in the recess part of the wall and is fixed with special glue and then nailed on top.