Pirate Bathroom Decor for Boys

Pirate bathroom decor – For the decoration of the bathroom of the boys have endless possibilities. The reason for the pirate’s combines water issues with adventure and will bring much fun to the bathroom. Following our advice you can transform bathing the children from the ceiling to the floor on a tropical island inhabited by pirates.

For starters pirate bathroom decor, the original idea is to turn the tub on a pirate ship, putting a sail instead of the traditional shower curtain. Your candle should have metal eyelets to hang the shower rod. Then stretch it to the wall and hollow top to create the appearance of a sail inflated by the wind blowing.

Then, fishing nets are an interesting accessory to continue emphasizing the theme of pirate bathroom decor. The networks are inexpensive and come in variety of sizes. You can hang the ceiling grid to fill it with toys and stuffed sea, and a glue gun to add bronze coins and shells to tissue. And Place a thick rope along one wall and hang towels in red, white and black all over with wooden sticks, simulating a collection of pirate flags.