Decoration New Rustic TV Stand

Okay, you know everything you need to know to choose a TV bracket suitable to your needs. Now comes the second part, install it. Install a rustic TV stands is not complicated. The only two considerations that should provide are: firstly whether your wall is strong enough to support the weight and secondly, use each and every one of the points of attachment that the manufacturer indicates.

I met a guy who was not very fond of make gaps in the wall. One day he invited me to see his new TV and how he had been hung on the wall of his room. It was a rustic TV stand that had connected their console. Thanks to a stand with a two arms could enjoy it sitting at your desk and even lying in bed. So you know, if they indicate a screw that is 7cm 7cm. And if you need to make four holes in the wall make it four. Following the instructions you’ll see it’s not complicated.

Having seen, here are 6 keys to choose and install a successful rustic TV stand to the wall. Choose the right kind of support for your TV (spacing between holes in the back that allows screw the bracket). Inches and weight should never exceed those recommended by the manufacturer support. If you go to put your rustic TV stand at a height that does not allow your vision to form a line perpendicular to the screen you’ll have to choose tilt brackets. If you want to place the TV on a corner or to view it from different points of the room stands with arm chooses. Note the separation wall for rustic TV stand to connect smoothly, including the antenna plug and socket. As additional solution cables with right angle connectors are.

When you go to fix it to the wall make use of all the attachment points indicated by the manufacturer. And make sure you use drain plugs and screws and that you have a strong wall to hold the weight mainly if it is for a rustic TV stand with arm. When you have the rustic TV stand on a cabinet cable management it is uncomfortable but more or less bears. Either you organize a bit or just hide them with furniture or no matter that there is a mess father in the back. By hanging the  rustic TV stand on the wall things change and two, three or more hanging cables cannot be unattractive. On-site top are used to a small reform to “put” the cables through the wall and are completely hidden. That is usually not the ideal solution for everyone, so points.