Model Bed with TV in Footboard

When you put a bed in the corner of the room you are changing your perspective so that when you are in bed with TV in footboard all items must be moved to one side of the room. It may be difficult to reach an efficient arrangement for their other pieces of furniture, but it is beneficial if you want more space to walk in the room. For example, having the bed in the corner against the wall is ideal if you want an area in your room for a workout or have a small practice session. Turn your TV on the opposite corner of the room to the bed. Place your desk by the head of the bed with TV in footboard, facing the wall. This way you will not be tempted to watch TV while working. You can also use the table to keep your cell phone and alarm clock. Place the dressing in a television adjacent wall (preferably so that the bureau is parallel to the bed in the opposite corner, but the choice depends on the wall that you have sufficient time to adapt to the comfortable space).

Put another dresser or table, if any, against the foot of the bed. You should now have a large space in the center of the room available to move. See your room as a diagonal, diamond instead of a square or rectangular shape if you choose opposite corner of his bed with TV in footboard. This means that the foot of the bed points to the center of the room. Note that you will not have much room to walk or room to move with this configuration.lace a small nightstand beside the bed to keep her alarm clock and telephone.  Organize your TV and TV stands in the opposite corner of the room, which faces the foot of the bed. You should be able to watch television in the front when it gets in bed with TV in footboard. Place the hutch on one side of the entertainment center, preferably on the wall near his locker and put your desktop on the opposite side of the entertainment center. Depending on the size of your room you may not be able to accommodate a desk in the room with this configuration.