How to Fix Touchless Kitchen Faucet Dripping

A leaky touchless kitchen faucet can be a hassle if dripping makes an irritating noise, but it can also cost money if the water is leaking at a significant rate. You could call a plumber to help with the problem, but you can try to fix it first on your own with a few simple steps. Close the water supply tap. It is usually located under the sink and look like a wheel or lever is rotated. Key opens the kitchen sink to allow any remaining water to drain out of the tap.

Locate the screw that holds the faucet head in place. If you do not see the screw can be hidden under a decorative cap. Unscrew the touchless kitchen faucet and remove it. Disassemble the faucet head using a wrench if necessary. Search the washer or cartridge drive mechanism.

Replace the washer or cartridge drive mechanism with a new one. Reassemble the valve and then tap in the opposite direction when desmontaste. Screw the tap in place. Open water supply under the sink and then open the faucet. Close it again and check to make sure the leaky touchless kitchen faucet is repaired.

The faucets that are activated without the accents seem a technological miracle: you put the hand underneath and the water comes out.