Amazing Corner Media Console

There are many reasons for using a corner media console, most obvious being that TV cannot fit in anywhere else in room. Ordinary tables or other furniture pieces do not work well in this space, as they adhere to room. A corner unit, however, is designed to fit into corner of room, providing a place to store your TV while taking least amount of space possible.

Console TV room occupies less space than a square or rectangular console as “wedges” in corner. If you can build your own furniture, you can build a console TV room standard wood and plywood. You have to leave some of that old know algebra to calculate extent of a right triangle to get right parts. Design size of corner media console depends on size of TV; you need to fit securely on top. Measure space available in corner, then decide on number of shelves you need to hold cable / satellite, DVD DVR / DVD, video storage and possibly stereo.

Corner media console means lower shelves are designed expressly for television sets and play sets accompanying DVD players and like. They come in all styles, from traditional to elegant, and fit next to a fireplace or on a nearby corner.