Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Led Light

Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Led Light, in this consecration of Britannica, we will explain how to install an exhaust fan, which will occupy the place will the vent and connect to turn the bathroom light. The extractors are very useful accessories that increasingly more often found in toilets and bathrooms. Besides eliminating smoke and odors, installation is very simple and requires no special knowledge.

Step by step to install bathroom exhaust fan with led light, Step one, before starting work will disconnect the power. We removed the grille and depart the vent pipe. Then, As we pass the stream to the extractor, remove the focus to pass the corresponding cable. Step three, then we had a guide from the hollow to focus puller and pull it tight.

Then proceed to place the wires on the terminal for electrical connection. In this step bathroom exhaust fan with led light, we present the extractor on the ceiling and mark the mounting points with a pencil. Then connect the vent pipe to the exhaust, this look at the ceiling with some screws and connect the two wires to the terminal. Finally, fit the trim on hood and check its operation. A simple and practical task to avoid fumes and odors.