How to Make a Solid Wood TV Stand

Solid wood TV stand – Holders of old televisions are often too narrow to flat-screen TV and a wooden stand as TV fits your modern TV. With a woodworking technique that uses pins instead of screws, you can make a table elegant TV that costs a fraction of the furniture store bought. Clean wooden boards with denatured alcohol or solvent to create the temporary illusion of a finished surface. Choose the sides that are better for looking out for your TV stand. Painters Stick tape on the bit, 1 inch from the end, to create a flag drill-stop. Place boards 48 inches long, which will be the top and bottom of the TV stand with the wrong side down. Drill a pin hole in each corner of each card, half-inch of edges. When you see the flag drill-stop sweeping sawdust, you’ll know you’ve drilled holes 1/2 inch deep, and drilling can stop. Drill two holes for dowels additional centers in the same wooden boards to allow the added support in the center of your TV stand.

Place these holes 1/2 inch tacos support side, in line with the corner holes in the center of each long side of the boards. Pour some glue to the six pin hole on top of the TV stand, and then nail the tacos. Wipe excess glue that squirts out. Repeat this step for the six dowel holes in the bottom of the TV stand. Position one of the smaller wooden boards at a right angle on the blocks that stand in the bottom of the TV stand to prepare the first side section. Make sure the door is 2 inches down, with side’s 20 inches large and small tables lining together. Frames, where the two corresponding dowel holes must be drilled in the bottom of the tablet. Drill two holes, and then repeat this step to the top of the small board aligning it with the studs on top of the TV stand. Repeat for the other two small tables, which will be the side and center supports your solid wood TV stand.

Squirt glue on the two dowel holes of one of the side boards. Press down on the side knobs in the lower part of the TV stand, and use a hammer to secure. Repeat with the central panel and a side plate. Place top TV stand on the work piece with plugs previously inserted corresponding to the holes drilled in the vertical slats. Squirt glue into the holes, and then press the top of TV instead. Place a small piece of wood on top of the TV stand cover to protect it, then nailed on top of that for push pins securely in place. TV stands with sand paper 220 grit to remove elevation changes or glue residue. Stain or finish with shellac or varnish elegant solid wood TV stand. Or spray paint stainless steel for industrial TV table.