Sliding Glass Dog Door Ideas

Sliding glass dog door rests on the rails of the patio door and are very easy to install and easy to remove. Other dog doors could not be. Another important aspect of sliding doors of glass dog is then removed to leave no evidence that these types of dog door are famous among tenants living in rented houses. Variants of sliding doors glass pets: Various types of sliding doors of glass pets are available for buyers to choose from.

They are classified in two variants, one temporary and the other is semi permanent sliding glass dog door pets. Temporary pet glass sliding doors make use of simple safety pins nature and must be installed by drilling holes in the top and bottom rail gate.

Therefore, they do not require the aluminum frame of the door cut. Semi permanent sliding glass dog door are normally bolted to the frame of the door and make use of conventional insurance and hoot type of locks. But it should be noted that current door locks may not work with sliding doors to pets as they should not be. Sliding doors of glass dog come with their own locks and can be installed above the old door locks.