How to Build Metal Shelf Brackets

Metal shelf brackets it easy to add shelves for any room of a house. They are ideal for utility rooms where appearance is less important than the function. Commonly they used in basements, utility rooms, garages, mudrooms and laundry. Home Improvement Stores sell them in different colors, sizes and styles. They are also sold as part of a kit containing shelves, shelves, screws, anchors and supports in one package to facilitate construction.

Metal shelf brackets, determine the time required for the media to fill the length of the platform that will hold. For any shelf over 3 feet, add additional support for every 3 feet. This will allow the shelf to have adequate support to the sides and a half.

Metal shelf brackets, place one foot riding. Ideally, all media must be mounted on the uprights of the best storage capacity and weight. This is not always possible, so that two support shelves, try to mount at least on a plate while using dowels other. Three supports for shelves, try to anchor the core support plate. Make a pencil mark on top of where to place the first tranche. Hold over the wall at this point, with a level of 2 feet lying against vertically. When straight, make marks for the location of the mounting holes.