Simple Tips to Care Rustic Wood Flooring

Do you have hardwood floors in your home? Or do you want to install one, but you have no idea which to choose or care for a rustic wood flooring need? Do not worry! this time we share some ideas of different hardwood floors as well as floors with coatings that mimic this noble material, which is in everyone, finishes, brightness, colors and textures. In addition, we give you six simple tips to keep a wood floor in good condition.

Remember that there are rustic wood flooring for exteriors and interiors, some are solid wood, while others are processed wood, and there are also type deck , which are mainly for patios, gardens and terraces !, but many what they all have in common is that we must take care and maintain them to last longer.

If you do not decide on a specific rustic wood flooring tone you do not know if you want dark or light, solution is a combination of various shades. Clean and maintain it in good condition, is to follow advice that we had already commented: dry clean with a mop or felt and in this case, a splash of vinegar to bring shine. Caution: not directly to floor! But bucket of water and just a trickle!