Hanging Modern Floating Media Cabinet

Modern floating media cabinet –  A media center can definitely make or break a man cave. A great way to ensure a clean and simple media center is to install all aspects of the media center in a cabinet hung under the TV, which can be mounted on the wall. Install the cabinet directly above a power outlet so that when the cabinet is installed, there are no wires or supports leading from the cabinet and it seems to float.

Of course, this is for For the best overall appearance. To hanging modern floating media cabinet: First, locate studs in the wall of the stud will pass back and forth over the area of the installation. Mark each side of the stud. Measuring the distance between the center of one stud to the next.

Second, transfer stud distance to the interior of the enclosure on the rear table by making three evenly spaced rows of selections. Line up the interior selections with wall stud markings. Place the cabinet in its desired location. Last, drill a hole in each label to ensure that each hole nozzle hits the wall. Fasten the cabinet to the wall with 3-inch wood screws that have been gone through slices. And your modern floating media cabinet was hanging now.