Hanging Clothes Rack

A simple and charming project to a corner of the bedroom  Garnish with dried branches: rustic DIY coat rack to hang. It is ideal in the children’s room, but also in a bedroom of teenagers or adults .It is Bosch, and have loved using elements hacelos recycling materials to be used for this rustic rack are- Hanging Clothes Rack

Power tools hanging clothes rack are used in the project level and drill Bosch.Lo first is marked exactly in what place we hang the rack. You need to find a space where it does not and where no beams that prevent normalidadHora use the drill to make the hole in the roof and fixing brackets suitable for hanging heavy objects (although the branch is not, once the clothes hanging himself You can become one Cut strips of crepe paper to create flags hearts as you see in the picture opening of the project.

This project hanging clothes rack to decorate with dried branches is very appropriate to celebrate love, spring and the new fad that comes this spring, do not you think? It can also be a very special gift to give to a loved one on Valentine’s Day or to surprise a bride and groom getting married.