Ideas Sail Awnings

Sail awnings – The candle type awnings are a unique structure for its efficiency and elegance to keep us safe from direct sunlight. They are very versatile items that can be set almost anywhere, such as buildings, trees or columns of terraces or patios. In addition, assembled and disassembled quickly and easily, so you have very good reception among all types of businesses with large open spaces such as restaurants, hotels, spas, shopping centers, etc.

Find an extensive range of  sail awnings  ideals and the best prices in the province of Valencia from which you can choose to install on those patios, terraces, children’s playgrounds, jacuzzis, pools and parks to be protected from the sun. The sail awning is definitely the best way to create cool areas and shaded during the hottest months of the year in an economical manner while elegant.

The sail awnings are available in the form of squares or triangles, and often multiple installed, providing an effective and affordable solution shadow. These awnings create a cozy outdoor space for relaxing or entertaining. When planning where to hang up your candles, remember that the position of the shadow will change as the sun moves across the sky. The shadow is directly under sail only at midday in summer.