Door Canopy Pipe PVC

Door canopy – A door is a great transition point between the different parts of your lawn or garden. Furthermore, it can be a quick way to control access and keep animals and small children away from the young plants or hazardous areas. But buying a door can be both a burden financially and logistically difficult. The good news is that you can put together a quick door using PVC pipe and some tools.

Door canopy, insert each end of the four-foot sections of PVC pipe 3/4 “pipe joints 90 degrees. Insert three foot sections at the other end of the joints 90 degrees to form the door frame. Mark the ends of each pipe around the joints with a Sharpie marker. Pull all joints apart. Sand the ends and glue before reassembly. Let the glue dry.

Place the wire inside the door canopy frame and connect in place by wrapping copper wire around the tube jacketed wire and chicken. Wheel 2 pieces of PVC pipe 3/4 of an inch of the way on the floor with the rubber mallet. This will be where you want your door supports stand. Enter the length of six feet of 3/4 “pipe within an inch tubing that has been nailed to the floor.