Wonderful Pergola Canopies Ideas

Pergola canopies are structures with fixed pillars to the ground, which can be attached to a wall or you become independent; in the latter case, also called gazebos. Materials structure pillars are made ​​of iron, aluminum and wood. In all three cases, as they are fixed structures, the finish must ensure maximum resistance to rain and humidity, and in coastal areas, off the salt.

The cover of pergola canopies may be formed by plants, reeds, wood, aluminum, polycarbonate … or be fabric. Before making a decision, think what degree of opacity and waterproofing desired. Wooden pergola and sliding sheet. In the picture above you can see a very common combination; is the pergola Green Wall, Green design with a horizontally sliding canopy.

Pergola canopies for sun and rain. Its adjustable cover allows control the entry of sunlight and avoids the rain. For the full year in this photo you can see the Meridians pergola, of the Unopiù signature attached to wall. It is very functional, which you can enjoy an open-air in any season, in sunny or rainy days. In the months of intense heat protects from sunlight and severe storms.