Instructions to Build 10×20 Canopy Shelter Logic

A portable 10×20 canopy is made of a plastic or fabric cover that stretches and rests on a lightweight metal box. This type of coverage is assembled and disassembled easily, so it is ideal for picnics and barbecues. The Shelter Logic 10×20 canopy, 10 by 20 feet can even be used for temporary saving of a car. The Shelter Logic canopy can be assembled without tools. Weapon longitudinal members of three pieces of the roof by placing the ends at each end of the center piece until they are well established. Place two longitudinal members roof three pieces at each end of a connector box four directions until they are tight. Place a connector box three-way at each end of the three sections of 20 feet long until they are well established.

Place the sections of 20 feet above the ground in parallel and about 1.5 m away. Place the two pieces of the legs together until fully affirmed. Place your foot leg base on the end of the lower part of the leg until it is firmly seated. Repeat for the six legs. Push the armed legs in the three connectors on the up side box until 10×20 canopy well settled.