Ideas for Patio Gazebo Canopy

A gazebo provides a support for climbing plants, a protected place for rest and a visual break in the patio. Arbors can be made of branches, wood, metal, plastic cane and even though natural materials blend seamlessly with the landscape. A thin arc can be used to mark a transition between the beds. A slightly more substantial patio gazebo canopy can be the entrance to a patio adventure. A gazebo made ​​of branches woven into a bow with an integrated wooden bench is a lonely sculpture in winter and a beautiful alcove to read a good book in the summer.

Plant a climbing vine as clematis and honeysuckle to cover the arbor when flourish and die to reveal the beautiful lines of the structure in late fall and during the winter. Place several of these natural patio gazebos around a large patio, hidden in hedges or small patio gazebo canopy.

A large patio gazebo canopy covering a paved area creates a shaded space to relax and eat the air free. Place wooden furniture worn under a large arc, or two arcs from tree trunks red and covered with wisteria and bougainvillea cedars. A couple of lights or some sunlamps make this place a point where talking at night.