Bed Shaped Tractor Canopy for Child

You can make a bed that simulates a tractor canopy for your child. One could design a room themed farm and use the bed to match other decor in the room. Design the bed so that the child can perform simulation games and fall asleep dreaming plow his fields every night. Decide the size of bed you wish to make. To frame a standard double bed, uses two pieces of plywood 96.52 cm long and two pieces of 1.96 m long. For a standard full size bed, shorter pieces must be 1.35 m long. The height of the timber depends on your specific design. You can make wood cut to size in a lumber store or use a jigsaw to cut them yourself.

Print or draw the design of tractor canopy you want to recreate. This could be a real image of a tractor or a picture of one that pleases you. If you do not want to draw the design directly on wood by hand, make large images at a copy shop. The extensions must match the dimensions of the bed. The “front” of the tractor will be the platform of the feet; to be 15.24 cm lower than the actual bed.¬†Draw the design of the tractor on plywood.