Making Pergola Shade Canopy

The simplest type pergola plant consists of two free connected by a trellis on top or some type of roof structure. Pergola shade canopy are commonly used to create a shaded area that offers relief to the burning afternoon sun.  Mark the corners of the construction of the pergola placing wooden stakes 30 cm long on the floor with a hammer. The site should be 1.2 by 2.4 m. Remove weeds and grass from the top layer of the earth at the corners. Cava holes of 0.6 to 0.9 m at the corners with a tool for digging postholes. Fill in the past 10 cm of hole with gravel. Press it with a hoe to create a solid foundation for the posts.

Placed posts 10 cm 10 3.6 m into corresponding holes. Fill the holes with a mixture of gravel and dirt. Use a level carpentry sure they are straight. Compact the soil mixture around the poles firmly. It measures 2.4 m from the surface of each post with a tape measure and mark in each of the posts with a pencil. Use a level to draw line carpentry. Hold one of the wooden planks 2.5 by 15 cm by 1.2 m along the lower end of the pergola shade canopy using wood screws and an electric screwdriver.