Canopy Tent to Protect Boat

A canopy tent protects the interior and exterior of your boat time and wear. You must have a slanted surface for precipitation and falling objects can slide. To make a cover will need to know a little math, have some sharp scissors, chalk and wood and metal poles of the tent, which will remain in place for the same case. Measures the bridge of your boat. The configuration of the “tent” the sheath of the boat means that the sheath must be more than the size of the cockpit. To calculate how big it should be, we must know the height of the poles of the tent.

Plan to use a canopy tent pole every two feet of the height of the bridge. Calculate the height of each post by multiplying 0.5773 by the width of the boat. The resulting sticks will give the case a slope of 30 degrees, enough to keep the water on the case. The same factor, rounded to 0.6 for convenience, is taken into account to calculate how much more wide and more along the bridge should cut the material to make the case. Multiply the height and width of the bridge by 1.6. This calculation is just like adding the purchase tax; ie you add the share price in decimal form.