How to Pitch 10×10 Canopy Tent

Canopy tents can compliment your backyard or may be protective shelters for many outdoor events. It offers a cool shade on outdoor accessories such as furniture or patio hammock. Choose a canopy that offers enough space for your needs, such as 10×10 canopy tent, 10 by 10 feet, waterproof fabrics lightweight frames and high-strength steel are ideal for ease of use and durability. Spread the fabric 10×10 canopy tent on the floor in the area where you want to set up the tent.

Gather all bets and position of all pipes and connectors roof near tent canopy. Assemble the roof frame cover 10×10 canopy tent (10 by 10 meters), connecting all pipes and connectors. Start with the sides of the roof structure, and then connect the spacers. Place the fabric of the awning on the roof frame and secure the corners.

Start with one corner, and then proceed to the opposite corner until they lock the four corners. Attaching the other supporting tubes and connectors in their respective grommets. Place the legs to lift one side of the roof of the tent canopy, then slips into the poles of the leg. Lift the opposite side and place the poles of the remaining legs.