Instructions to Attaching Car Awnings

Car awnings can help protect your vehicle from the elements, and come in sizes to fit any vehicle you have. They can come in different forms, so it is advisable to read assembly instructions included. However, most canopies are configured similarly. Therefore generally do not require special tools, but the assembly process can take two to five, depending on the size and complexity of the tent.

Instructions to attaching car awnings: clear enough space in your driveway, or anywhere that you will use for the awning. Build the frame of the awning roof. The assembly should form three crossbars, one on the crest of the sheet and one on each side, and four or more support posts on each side are connected to the transverse bars to form a triangular roof.

Install the uprights for the awning. There should be a post for each support on the ceiling, and each upright is connected to a side rail in the same place as a support post. Insert each upright on its own support base. Each post should have its own base. Finally, to attaching car awnings, connect the canvas awning structure. The canvas covers at least the roof of the canopy, while some models can cover the entire frame.