Reef Aquarium Canopy

Reef aquariums are designed to house living corals, sea anemones and other invertebrates that live in shallow tropical waters. These creatures are dependent on sunlight, as do photosynthesis. Therefore, reef aquariums require illumination source and appropriate spectrum in aquarium canopy.

Directions: place the aquarium canopy upside down on a clean work surface. Place a thin heat-resistant adhesive layer on the back of the support VHO fluorescent lamp. Position the support VHO fluorescent lamp with the side with the glue facing the canopy in the center facing up and gently press.

Measure the inside of the bulb holder and cut the reflective material of aluminum, to fit within the light unit. Place one end in a VHO lamp socket adapter on the left. Repeat with the second, third, and fourth VHO fluorescent lamps.

Thread the wire through the hole that previously drilled in the canopy outside and attach it to the control unit. Position the glass panel of 1.8 cm above the aquarium. Reposition the aquarium canopy with the newly installed light unit carefully in the aquarium. Connect the cord from the socket connector on the electric timer and set it to the “on” position (on). Plug the electrical timer into a wall power supply and turn it on.