Cool Outdoor Canopy Bed

Outdoor canopy bed adds drama to your home. Working only with top frame of bed, curtains of canopy bed can be used to create a sense of elegance in bedroom. Folds together and hangs net sections 3 (0, 91 m) to 4 feet (1.22 m) of fabric through outer edges of top of frame to give it a finishing rolling. Softness of drape provides a funny feeling and top of folds can be decorated with silk flowers or stones. Outdoor canopy bed is simplest way to use tulle. Put it straight on top and let it fall straight down. You can use tiebacks to pull sheet of tulle to bedposts, creating a look of drapery. This style works well in rooms decorated with natural materials or animal prints. Curtain creates a safari room, bedroom perfect for your own private getaway.

Slightly twisting and wrapping tulle around outdoor canopy bed frame create quintessential romantic look. Covering each of posts with twisted tulle you soften even most frameworks industrial look and create feel of a bed like a cloud. Artificial flower petals can be inserted in frame wrapped in tulle to exaggerate romantic atmosphere.