How to Design Metal Window Awnings

Metal window awnings shade sunny windows in summer and reduce heat gain inside the house. People often selected metal awnings if you live in an arid and windy area. Fabric awnings are not sustained and in these conditions, so it often makes sense to install something more permanent. In designing awnings always consider the architectural style of your home, to get inspiration and ideas that make awnings look good.

Instructions to design metal window awnings: measure the width of the window, the height of the window and the top of the window. Draw a front elevation of the window and the surrounding area. Take a picture in front of the house with the camera lens. Take your photos to a photocopier to have them enlarged and printed on paper 11 by 17 inches store.

Design the awning to fit the architecture of the house. Draw examples of his ideas on paper pasted on its front elevation and above its enlarged photocopy tracing window. Try canopies of different sizes, shapes and heights. Finally, to design metal window awnings, pull out your best designs on the scale above its front elevation. Make a sample of the sheet of cardboard and hold it in place at home.