Portable Canopy Bed Ideas

Portable canopy – Canopy beds add color, spice and fun to any room. Instead, you can learn to make a bed canopy yourself. Make a poster that is portable. Even if you get a new bed, this flag can be placed on it. The canopy really hangs from the ceiling. To find the amount of fabric you will need to buy will have to measure the height of the room floor to ceiling. Purchase tulle or other fabric that you like in twice the length of the height, plus two feet. As much fabric is needed, tulle works better (because it’s very cheap).

If you want a thick cover, buy the fabric in four times the length of the roof and fold in half. Purchase a large embroidery hoop. These can be purchased from any craft or sewing store. The higher the hoop, the larger the portable canopy. Pull the inner circle embroidery hoop outside.

Portable canopy place the inner ring directly underneath and in the center of the fabric. Make sure the fabric is distributed evenly on a clean surface. Place the largest at the top of the inner ring, but do not push down. Pull the fabric inside the ring for about two yards of fabric is pulled through.