Gas Station Canopy Ideas

Go with a contemporary theme for a gas station canopy if you want your customers perceive a sense of cleanliness and modernism. Keep all aspects of your service station updated with the latest styles and developments, such as white or stainless steel countertops in the box, and fuel pumps monochromatic white or black. You must have a ground where possible and white tiles for interior floor lighting. Let large windows play a role in allowing natural light to create an airy atmosphere and open. Provides broad coverage pumping stations with a roof of corrugated aluminum. The contemporary design and options of alternative fuels like ethanol and diesel also offer customers the added benefit of cutting edge technology.

Gas station canopy bring back the nostalgia of the original service stations with a classic design. Equip your station with a specific period decoration, including lighting of a barn with porcelain and retro fonts for signaling. Opt for new fuel pumps specifically designed with a theme of the 1940 to 1950. Simple geared up, with two or four pumps, a small service center and complete store snacks and sweets cents for a real “convenience” of experience. Make the landscape of the station has 1950 popular features such as very short shrubs, bushes and flowers foxglove hydrangea.