How to Replacement Canopy Rebar

If you are staging an event outdoors, such as a party, it is probably the use of canopies. These are ready for mounting covers that are made up of frame poles and canvas awning roof. If you think that the reinforcing bar that acts as the backbone of the structure is broken, replacement canopy is new bar. Replacement canopy will require partial disassembly of the cover. Pull holdings in the holes in the plate’s feet out to replacement canopy of the earth. Tilt the canopy of his hand, so two of the legs are on the ground, and remove the pins from the top of the two legs on which to frame connectors are connected.

Remove the two connector pins. Tilt the cup on the opposite side, and remove the remaining connector pins. Turn the canopy so that the canvas roof is on the ground and has access to the structure. Observe the operation of the central reinforcing beam along the center of the cup. Remove the pins on all connectors connected to the beam frame. Remove all cross-pin connector. Remove the beam connectors and set it aside. Place a new ray in the canopy. Replace all frame connectors, poles and legs crossed.