DIY Standing Towel Rack

Standing towel rack – When out of the shower or pool, perhaps you want to enjoy the luxury of a warm towel to dry off. Before you waste your money on buying a commercial towel heater, consider making one at home with inexpensive materials. This towel warmer may not seem as glamorous, but still will warm your towel and keep your wallet a bit fuller. Cut a hole in the fridge big enough to cross the cable and plug the heating pad. Another short hole above the first hole , the size of the control panel heating pad.

Cover the bottom of the cooler with aluminum foil. Place the heating pad on the bottom of the fridge and tape adhesive foil edges at the sides of the refrigerator. Jala lace standing towel rack pad through the bottom hole of the refrigerator and insert the control panel in the other hole . Covers the inside of both holes with foil. Place a towel on the heating pad and close the lid of the cooler. Connect the cable heating pad and choose the control panel setting. Happy decorate your bathroom with standing towel rack. Do;’t forget to use your feel to do that. Regards Author