Draper Media Console in Antique Style

In many homes, the TV is an important element in the living room and therefore the furniture that integrates as well. Today we share with you some tips for choosing your multimedia cabinet in draper media console style. Style, storage or dimensions are just some issues must be considered. Hook this post and do not miss!

Of course the first thing is to know the space that you count on the wall. You can choose to integrate the TV in a cabinet with larger library or cabinet, or a module independent media. If your space is small, the second option is the best option as they are available in many measures. A multimedia unit, besides being pretty has to be particularly functional. Draper media console offer many possibilities to organize all your technological devices: DVD, consoles, controllers, routers, connectors, etc.

You can combine open and closed modules with windows and freely decide what you want to hide and what to teach. And with draper media console furniture collection Transfer you can keep hidden your DVD player and use it with the remote control without leaving the couch. All thanks to their cabinets incorporating a special material. A more aesthetic and comfortable to understand the use of technology way