DIY to Install TV Media Console

TV media console – Consider your own level of comfort before a task you may have limited experience. Find a place to install the LCD TV that provides convenient viewing. This should ensure the optimal viewing distance based on the size of your TV.

Then place the TV on the stand in your TV media console. Connect the power cord to the electrical outlet. Consider using a surge protector. Connect the TV input source to the port on the back of the TV, often marked “TV” or “Cable In.” This can be either a cable or satellite connection or a TV antenna. The cable is typically a coaxial cable. Connect any external speaker to “Audio Out” ports, usually on the back of the LCD TV. External speakers often use RCA cables.

Connect the other media players, such as a DVD or a Blu-ray player, the input ports, usually on the back of the LCD TV. Connect any other devices, such as a game console. The type of connection will vary depending on the system. Use a stencil that may have been provided with the wall bracket to mark places for screws. The last, place the LCD TV and mount frame on the wall bracket and gently place it so that it rests securely in place on the hooks of the bracket. And now your TV was installing on TV media console.