How to Install Bidet Sprayer

Bidet sprayer is a hygienic way to cool off after using the bathroom, but not always a feasible choice. The cost and location required for use preclude use in small bathrooms sometimes with small budgets. Another option is a spray Manual, which provides the hygienic benefits of a bidet normal size without installation costs and space requirements. Install the unit manually correctly to prevent water leaks without using special tools or equipment.

Locate the brake valve on the water, which is located on the wall directly below the bathroom of bidet sprayer. Turn it counterclockwise to slow the flow of water. Download the toilet to remove any water there just in case. Loosen the fitting threads water downloader toilet which is in the tank bottom or cup, before completely removing them. Leave the attachment secured to the brake valve on the water instead.

Place the T connector of the unit. Some brands have one that also binds to the area under the seat, which requires removing this. Place the T connector threads downloader hand. Not too adjustments to avoid breaking the thread. Screwing the adapter of the water line in the lower male connector T hand. Bidet sprayer hose installed in the upper male connector T.