Design Corner Shower Curtain Rod

Corner shower curtain rod mounted on the ceiling are less common than wall mounted or bars pressure, but not more difficult to install. The roof rack styles vary significantly, but each adheres to similar roof. Because the installation work can be challenging for his higher nature, it is useful to seek help from a family member or friend who can spend the tools while you’re up the ladder.

Corner shower curtain rod places a ladder directly under the ceiling of the bathroom where you plan to hang the bar. Get on with rod in hand and put it against the ceiling. Measured from each end of the bar to the wall and spaced reubícala until between the walls evenly. Mark with a pencil the location of the mounting holes for the bar.

Corner shower curtain rod drill holes in the ceiling in the places you marked with a pencil. Check the Manual Instruction bar to determine what size drill bit to use. Use a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the anchors that came with the bar if you have no instructions. Push the anchors into the holes you drilled in the ceiling. Hit them lightly with a hammer if they refuse to enter into the holes.