How to Repair Toilet Paper Holders

Loose toilet paper holders are an annoying every time you stretch to make some paper inconvenience. However, you should not just accept this problem for the future. Instead, you can examine the holder, determine how to fix it and take action. Remove the toilet paper roll holder if it obstructs your view of how the device is stuck to the wall. Inspect the holder where it meets the wall to determine how is gripped. Adjust each of the screws with the style and size for screwdriver. If the screws fit snugly to the plate are against the wall, the holder should be firmly grasped. If the screws rotate in their places simply means they are disassembled and require more attention.

Unscrew the screws and remove the toilet paper holders from the wall. If the screws are removed and are difficult to remove with a screwdriver, take their heads with pliers and pull them up to remove them from their holes. Place anchors into the holes left in the wall. To determine the correct size of the dowels, screws test them before inserting them into the wall. The screw should enter the slug easily but not too tight or too loose.