Secret Tips for Bathroom Accessory Sets

If you just make sure your bathroom reform will give typical worth holes to install fittings and that will customize bathroom. bathroom accessory sets are a must for day to day, for washing, for organizing element, security … we will present a series of ideas and proposals of bathroom accessories without drilling, easy installation and at same time developing to perfection their main task, they will decorate and give final touch to special bath you want.

Great idea to install bathroom fixtures without holes. For pasting we can choose between two solutions, special double-sided tape or a professional to clear bathroom accessory sets glue stick. Both cases have personally tested and if installed following simple instructions of manufacturer, sticker or glue in each case give no problem and perfectly withstand required weight.

In case of sticker bathroom accessory sets, it is very important that both fitting base and surface where it will stick are perfectly clean and as flat as possible, without roughness. Both surfaces with alcohol, that no dust or dirt and once it is dry proceed to paste into desired location must first be cleaned. For its use is recommended to wait one hour, always respecting time recommended by manufacturer.