How to Remove Paint from Copper Ceiling Tiles

Copper ceiling tiles are striking for decorating home additions. If your tiles were painted by accident or design, you may find that you need to remove paint copper roof tiles. You can cut in half finish with the proper use of chemical pickling time. Paint remover has its disadvantages. It is harmful and potentially dangerous without the proper precautions.

Instructions to remove paint from copper ceiling tiles: put on safety goggles, gloves and a mask. Put scaffolding or a ladder tall to help you get to the tiles. Apply a thick layer of chemical stripper in ceiling tiles with an old paintbrush. Choose an ethylene chloride stripper no.

Allow the chemical enter the painting for about 20 minutes. Test to see if the paint is smooth, scraping with a paint scraper. The paint peels up easily when ready. Hold scraper firmly in your hand and push away from you paint, tiles into long strips. Scrape as much paint as you can with paint scraper.

Apply a small amount of paint remover on a piece of extra fine steel wool. Soak a clean cloth with lacquer thinner. Clean all grease and copper ceiling tiles with lacquer thinner.