Wood Grain Porcelain Tile

Wood Grain Porcelain Tile, Most are qualified for commercial or residential use. The tiles come in all varieties of sizes commonly in the streets of 12 inches, although some styles are available in larger sizes. These are available in many sizes, including small Wood Grain Porcelain Tile, rectangular accents and 20-inch square. The tiles are available by special order with a specified price at the time of the investigation.

Wood grain porcelain tile, Wood grain tiles are an unusual style of porcelain. These look like wood finish in colors ranging from driftwood gray to nut age, the color of each tile ranging to look like real wood. There are two size options – square or long rectangles of different sizes. The tiles are made to residences and can be used in any floor or wall.

Dal-Tile makes solid colored wood grain porcelain tile in strong colors like purple or green emerald, the neutrals like beige. These are also treated with Microbar to inhibit bacterial growth. The tiles come in sizes from 6 inches to 18 inches squares. These tiles are manufactured in the USA and they sold in centers and home improvement stores tiles.